Monday, December 19, 2011

High Point (New Jersey Highpoint)

After a little bit of a frustrating spell at work, I decided I needed a day off so after taking care of a few Church responsibilities on Sunday, the boys and I hopped in the car and headed to Point Jervis (Pennsylvania?).  I made sure to pick a hotel with an indoor pool which pretty much sold the boys on the whole hiking adventure idea. 

After breakfast the next morning and another dip in the pool, we drove all the way up to the New Jersey highpoint named.... High Point.  This one had easily the most grand monument I have seen at any other highpoint and was kind of a focal point of the state park it calls home.  The park actually seemed like a pretty cool spot with a ton of picnicking sites, spotted with small ponds and in the winter is a x-country ski park. 

Our stop was brief for two reasons (1) there was no real hiking involved and (2) it was freezing cold and the wind was howling!  Nobody wanted to hang out very long.  After racing back to the warmth of the car, we started the two hour drive to our next highpointing adventure......

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