Monday, December 21, 2009

Mount Sunflower (Kansas Highpoint)

If the Nebraska highpoint was remote, Mount Sunflower was even more so....

We lingered at this one a little longer.  Sy even took the time to draw a portrait of the highpoint marker and he also decided we should start checking off highpoints in my book (I think I have him hooked!).

While driving the last few miles to this highpoint, I found myself wondering just who lives more than 15 miles away from a paved road and miles and miles away from their closest neighbors?  I am sure they are great people but I was struck by the fact that I don't know anyone like that and am pretty sure the people I know also don't know anyone like that....  definitely isolated but also definitely beautiful in its own way.

Panorama Point (Nebraska Highpoint)

Now that the semester has finished, I needed to get out of the house and have an adventure.  So, Sy and I decided to head out on a road trip to bag a couple more state highpoints.

We started from Provo, UT on Sunday afternoon and arrived in Cheyenne, WY (just west of the highpoint) six hours later.  I had never really stopped in Cheyenne before and liked the little capitol town. We checked out the famous 8ft high boots in the park in town and then ate at Sanford Pub & Grill - a great choice.

The next morning we got up early, took a side trip to see some llamas and goats....

...and then headed to the highpoint.  Even though my instructions were good and we didn't make any wrong turns, it was still easy to get nervous traveling more than 20 miles on dirt roads passing only the occasional farm house.
Eventually we made it.  I guess that means Sy has his first highpoint!  We didn't wait around much though because we wanted to head south and hit the Kansas highpoint later that day.