Monday, February 9, 2009

Hiking the Y

I had been gone a lot in January and Sy has been hungry to spend some time with his Dad. Last weekend I was finally able to get caught up with school and Sy kept asking me to bring him hiking.... I am not going to say "No" to that!

So, Sy and I suited up and headed out to the trailhead.

Sy remembered that the last time we hiked the Y he tuckered out just after turn 6 and rested there with Mom while Soren and I finished the hike. He announced his intention to finish the hike this time around.

Ironically, during a rest break (just after turn 6) Sy asked where he should go to the bathroom. I told him just off the side of the trail and he gave me a funny look. It was then I realized that he needed to go "#2." Well, we hadn't come prepared for that so we headed back down the trail.

Looks like Sy and I will have to wait for at least a 3rd attempt in order to get him up there! Regardless, I was glad to get on the trail with him. I hope for many more trips together.