Saturday, August 1, 2009

Muir Woods (San Francisco, CA)

This past Saturday my cousin, Karl Reichstetter, and I headed over to Muir Woods for a day hike. Expecting a boardwalk like walk through the redwoods, I wore Adidas Sambas and walked with camera in hand and didn't bring water. *wagging finger*. We opted to do an ~10 mile loop to Stinson Beach (via Hillside, Ben Johson, Stapelveldt, Steep Ravine, and Dipsea trails) and back along the Dipsea trail.

Remember to do your research before heading to the trail! Luckily there were no major consequences for my lack of planning. Instead, we enjoyed a fantastic morning and early afternoon.

Most of the day we were in low lying clouds but the weather would dramatically and inexplicably change as we weaved along the trail climbing and loosing again about 1400ft. Dripping moss, dry dusty trail, humid, breezy, sunny, cloudy, warm, and very cool.... we experienced it all.

If the weather was loaded with wild swings, the fauna was equally varied. The following is a good series of pictures that shows some of the variation.

I really liked Muir Woods and would love to go back.